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Shanghai Fried Rice by Chef Todd Butler

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published on February 16, 2012
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One of our signature dishes here at is s@mple Chef Todd Butler’s Shanghai Fried Rice.

This colorful dish is described on our menu as rock shrimp, shrimp tempura, forbidden black rice, and an egg omelette; however, it’s way more than that.

Executed in the shanghai style (meaning a simple fried rice – slightly sweet and oily), Chef Butler puts a unique spin on the dish.

The base of the dish is the rice – the forbidden black rice. Here’s a little information about it sourced from Wikipedia:

Lotus Foods first introduced Forbidden Rice into the USA in 1995 and has trademarked the term. Forbidden Rice is a strain of Chinese black rice (Chinese: 黑米; pinyin: hēi mǐ) and is considered to be both food and medicine in China. Forbidden Rice has a dark purple color because it is rich in anthocyanins, which act as powerful antioxidants. The rice contains more vitamin B, niacin, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc than white rice.
The name “Forbidden Rice”, and the popular understanding that it was eaten only by royalty likely comes from the term 御稻 (yù dào) or imperial rice. Chinese sources attribute the classification of this rice as imperial tribute to the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty who marveled at the hybrid breeding and harvest times of this unique rice.
Lotus Foods’ Forbidden Rice has been praised for its unique flavor, deep color, and nutritional quality.

It’s a super rice. After the rice is ready, the flames get turned up. Peppers, garlic, soy, asparagus, spices, and shrimp are added to a pan – and the music begins. It takes a certain rhythm to properly cook fried rice – a rice grain should never stick to the pan – stirred in just the right way. At just the right time during this process, the egg is added to the mix. Before you know it the song is over and the dish is done. Meanwhile – beautiful shrimp have been lightly tempura battered and flash fried. The now shanghai style fried forbidden rice, hot as can be, is plated; topped with the gorgeous shrimp tempura; garnished with herbs and served with a fresh carrot green papaya slaw.

And there you have it – Shanghai Fried Rice by Chef Todd Butler. It rules. It tastes way better than it looks, by the way. Come and give it a taste at s@mple.

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shanghai fried rice at s@mple

2 Responses to Shanghai Fried Rice by Chef Todd Butler

  • oh man it is so good…

  • Adam,
    You and Chef Todd have made me so-o hungry! This dish sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to try it. Will be in to see you asap! Thanks for the tantalizing motivation! Have heard wonderful reviews of “s@mple” from others… …Congratulations!

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